1. I stupidly lost locked myself out of my filing cabinet by losing the key. I googled for locksmiths and started calling all those which came up. All the websites said there was no call-out fee but . . . the first wanted to charge me £55 but couldn’t come out until next Tuesday. The next wanted all manner of information but when pressed quoted around £75. The third started for asking for too many details when I just wanted a ballpark figure so I hung up on them. I was on the point of giving but thought I’d give Cambridge Master Locksmiths a call.
    I am so pleased I did. Thank you so much for your sensible suggestion to read the number on the lock. Thank you for not attempting to rip me off by making me think it was necessary for you to come out. Thank you for suggesting that I drive over to Arbury and pay £6 to get a new cut on the off chance it would work. I’m delighted to tell you that it and as far as I’m concerned, you are my heroes of the week. A big thank you from me – have mentioned you on Twitter (@Cantala59) and Facebook and will be singing your praises for some time to come! If I can get you a plug on local radio too, I will! (I’ve done interviews with Cambridge 105 recently and with Jeremy Sallis last year so you never know). Just want to say thank you for having common sense and integrity – how refreshing! You are Master Locksmiths indeed.

  2. Just goes to show that its always worth shopping around and not go with the first quote you are given. These guys certainly made things simple for you and made it worth your while 🙂

  3. I frequently get keys cut and used to go to a well known place in Cambridge on Newmarket road that would charge me £7.80 per key. I went to that place (rhymes with Vent) wanting 10 keys cut and they guy told me they don’t cut keys “while you wait” despite the fact that they had done just that for me a dozen times in the past. Fed up at being lied to and patronized I looked for other key cutters in Cambridge, found Cambridge Master Locksmiths, who did 30 Keys for 100 quid. Incredible savings over the “Rhymes with Vent” place!

  4. I just would like to say a big thank you to your locksmith for saving my old lock, it is so nice to meet people who are passionate about saving old things. Your prompt service is very much appreciated. I will definitely recommend your company to other people.

    Jing Brock

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